Learn more about MolEditor an Ambinter software

MolEditor is a powerful and free software to easily create or import and modify chemical database online.

  • User-friendly interface, high performances

    Data can be displayed as thumbnails or in spreadsheet.
    It is fast, you can easily browse thousands of compounds.
  • Create or import

    Start a new molecule database or import and combine SDF and SMILES files.
  • Edit and manage data

    Change a field value, edit a structure, add or delete molecules.
    You can also sort, move, create or delete columns like in a classic spreadsheet.
  • Search for data

    You can filter item matching a pattern.
  • Descriptors

    Automatically add computed descriptors (using OpenBabel) like molecular weight, acceptors, donors...
  • Export

    Your work is done? You can export data in several useful formats (SDF, SMILES, CSV or XLS)
  • Want to buy compounds?

    Easy to check if compounds are available from Ambinter online catalogue.
  • Free software

    SDF Editor is a free and open source software. You can use it online or download it and install it on your own server.
    Want to contribute? Just click on "Contribute" link below to learn more about this software.

MolEditor use different free software: Silex (PHP framework), Ketcher and Indigo (chemoinformatics tools), OpenBabel (chemistry toolbox)